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Dry-Free Energy Saving PET Sheet Extrusion Line

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In 2009, Chuangbo took the lead in launching recycled PET dry-free and energy-saving twin screw extruding sheet unit, which, compared with traditional processes, saved more than 40% of energy consumption.


Reaction Extrusion Line

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Twin screw polymerization extruder (or the twin screw reactor) not only has the physical processes of heat transfer, mixing, shearing, conveying, exhausting, extrusion, etc., but also runs through the polymerization. The reaction chemistry changes, so the process is more complicated and the technology is more intensive. It is not much but important. Different reaction types, the structural form and characteristic parameters of the unit are also different, and generally need to be tailored to the specific material system and polymerization process.

Devolatilization Line in Polymerization Post-process

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The post-polymerization treatment devolatilization operation is another important application direction that reflects the special advantage of the twin-screw extruder.
The special post-treatment twin-screw machine can be used in one go to achieve continuous and stable removal of various volatiles, greatly simplify the process, save energy, reduce costs, improve the operating environment and improve product quality. In most cases, it can be synchronized at one time. A typical solvent evaporation type twin screw can handle a feedstock system having a solvent volatile content of up to 70-80%.

Twin screw Extruder Rubber De-water&Evaporation Production Lines

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In 2012, twin screw devolatilization technology was successfully applied to the deep dewatering process of synthetic rubber. Under premise of stable product quality, tenergy consumption index was significantly reduced, operating environment was improved, and it was gradually extended to the field of natural rubber and special rubber.


Technical Talent

The technical research and development team members composed of multiple professors at Beijing University of Chemical Technology has a strong alliance and resource sharing with the core team of the founder of Tongxiang Twin Screw Technology in China.

Independent Research and Development

Combining the main domestic and foreign needs and the development trend of the polymer material industry, as well as the development of new technologies and equipment for polymer material processing, the realization of theoretical, experimental and engineering application technology Integration.

Unique Technology

In addition to providing twin-screw pelletizing production lines for general plastics processing, Chuangbo also focuses on the production of long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, supercritical fluid foam extrusion, twin-screw reactive extrusion, and post-reaction processing equipment that does not require drying.


Chuangbo has a domestic first-class modern manufacturing platform, and key component manufacturing technologies are independently controlled. At the same time, we can provide general contracting projects for various upstream, downstream and peripheral auxiliary machines with special processing technology.
Nanjing Chuangbo is committed to high-polymer compound modification, reactive extrusion, post-reaction treatment, continuous long-fiber impregnation and coating, mixing and forming one-step method, and carbon dioxide foam extruding represented by co-rotating twin screw extruders. Short processes, intelligent equipments and related technology are applied in product manufacturing as well as turnkey projects.
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In the field of high polymer compounding equipments,
it is the eternal pursuit of Chuangbo to build a leading domestic and internationally renowned modern national brand.


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    A professional supplier of twin screw extruder and its expanded applications located in Nanjing City, P.R.China, will participate in Interplastica 2020 Moscow during Jan.28-31, 2020. You are most welcome to our booth No. 21D04 in Hall No. 2.1 at EXPOCENTRE in Krasnaya Presnya in Moscow.


Extensive Experience in Applications

Compounding and Pelletizing

Twin screw extrusion and pelletizing lines can be used for plastic alloy, filling modification, color master batch, functional master batch, fluorine plastic, reactive extrusion (TPU and TPV etc.), glass fiber (carbon fiber) reinforcement, degradable plastic, thermoplastic elastermor, hot met adhesive (EVA etc.), thermoset plastics and powder coating, pvc compounding, XLPE cable, silane-cross linking cable and pipe, and HFFR cable etc.


Compared with traditional glass fiber reinforcement, LFT-G has following advantages:
● Bending and tensile strength increased by about 100%-300%
● Impact resistance increased by 2-3 times
● Excellent high-temperature creep resistance, high impact strength at low temperature, suitable for high and low temperature alternating frequent occasions
● High size accuracy, small deformation, vertical and horizontal shrinkage rate is small and consistent
● Simple molding, good fatigue resistance, good molding performance
● Low warp, little glass fiber exposure, good surface performance
● Recycling,green environmental

Rubber Dewatering & Devolatilization

The twin screw extruder for rubber deep dewatering that Chuangbo produced can apply to many rubbers: FPM (fluororubber),  IIR (buryl rubber),  CIIR (chlorinated buryl rubber),  BIIR (brominated buryl rubber),  SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber), IR (isoprene), CSM (chlorosulfonated polyethylene), AC M(acrylic), ECO (epichlorohydrin), etc.  

PP Foaming Sheet

In 2015, Nanjing Chuangbo cooperated with Beijing University of Chemical Technology to develop polypropylene supercritical carbon dioxide foaming production line, which solves the key issues of polypropylene extrusion foaming technology. It can produce foaming tablets, plates and beads with a magnification of 2-40 times, which is ideal light material for packing products, and automotive interiors etc.. Quite a number of production lines have been provided at home and abroad.
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