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Since Nanjing Chuangbo has cooperated with Beijing University of Chemical Technology for many years, combining with its own product development, Nanjing Chuangbo has built six pilot production lines of international level and supporting testing laboratories, covering continuous polymer extrusion physical foaming, continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite unidirectional tape, long fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin impregnation and pelletization, polymer reactive extrusion and devolatilization, lightweight structural plate composite molding and other fields. Nanjing Chuangbo has formed core R&D capabilities, all of which are now open to the outside world. Preliminary research and development results of the laboratory can be verified and developed in a pilot test to help accelerate the industrialization process of the latest research results.
The configuration of six pilot lines are as follows:

(1) TSH-40/SE-75 supercritical carbon dioxide foaming pilot test line

● Design output: 20~50kg/h
● Maximum processing temperature: 350℃
● Can be used for foam sheet/bead/bar experiment of extruding materials such as PS, PE, PP, TPU, PLA, PBAT...

(2) TSH-52/SE-120 high-performance resin special foaming pilot line without drying

● Design output: 40-100kg/h
● Maximum processing temperature: 350℃
● Can be used for foam board/sheet experiment of extruding materials such as PET, PBT, PA, MPPO, PC, PEEK...

(3) Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin unidirectional prepreg tape test unit

● Design width: 330mm
● Output: 5-50kg/h
● Design fiber content: 40~70%
● Maximum processing temperature: 350℃
● Can be used for production test of various fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin composite unidirectional tape.

(4) LFT-G long fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin impregnation and granulation test unit

● Design fiber content: 30~60%
● Output: 3-30Kg/h
● Maximum processing temperature: 400℃
● Can be used for reinforced thermoplastic resin impregnation granulation test using carbon fiber, glass fiber, basalt fiber, high-performance organic fiber, etc.

(5) Polymer multi-stage high-vacuum high-efficiency dehydration / devolatilization test unit

● Design output: 10~30kg/h
● Maximum processing temperature: 300℃
● It can be used in the dehydration/devolatilization test of various rubbers and plastics, effectively removing the water and various small molecules volatile matter.

(6) Teflon hot pressing compound test unit

● Design width: 500mm
● Maximum processing temperature: 250℃
● Can be used for composite of core materials of various foam boards, honeycomb boards, wood board with thin metal plates and fiber reinforced composite materials to make composite board of sandwich structure sandwich.

In addition, Nanjing Chuangbo has a variety of blending modified granulators, dryers, high speed mixers, analytical balances, muffle furnaces, universal material testing machines, melting rate testers, moisture testers and other auxiliary processing / testing equipments to guarantee the full smooth completion of the pilot tests.

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