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Extruder Parts And Auxiliaries

As a professional twin screw extruder manufacturer in China, Chuangbo provides high-performance extruder parts and auxiliaries for our customers. We are known for manufacturing high quality, durable extruder parts that ensure continued, trouble-free operation. Inventory of commonly used extruder parts that are held in stock includes screw element, extrusion barrels, extrusion screw shaft, conical feeder, side feeder, liquid feeder, loss in weight feederetc.

Screw Element

Chuangbo are the worldwide supplier of twin-screw extruders, replacement components, and support services for several industries such as masterbatch, powder coatings, plastics compounding, etc. We provide the industry’s most comprehensive selection of twin screw element replacement components and specialty wear solutions.


Extruder Barrels

Our team of engineers can design and manufacture new extruder barrels and feed screws to maximize your production efficiency. It is important to optimize extrusion barrels and feed screw designs to improve overall extrusion performance. 


We use horizontal CNC, the inner hole, and the pinhole are processed at the same time to ensure that the coaxiality of the barrel is within 0.02mm. We use the advanced 3D measuring instrument to control the tolerances of each row of the cylinder. 


Extrusion Screw Shaft

Chuangbo offers a wide range of screw shafts which are made to machine and process requirements to prevent over-engineering or premature failure.


Chuangbo Extrusion is a leader manufacturer in China in high torque, rolled shaft technology producing extruder screw shafts that can withstand significant increases in load, torque, and temperature. Working with leading materials suppliers, we have developed materials with the highest torque capacity and hardness properties to manufacture superior extruder shafts.


Conical Feeder

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Conical twin screw force feeder is specially designed to feed big block and dough material. The block material coming from kneader used to be cold, then cut by hand. It wastes too much time, labor and cost.


While Conical twin screw force feeder can solve this problem. You don’t have to cut the block coming from the kneader, just using the conveyor send the block to the conical twin screw force feeder, then it will extrude the material into single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, calendar and so on.


Side Feeder

The twin screw side feeder for TSB extruders enables the side feeding of fillers and additives in powder or pellet form or cut glass fibers into the processing section of the twin screw extruder. The extruder features a self-cleaning profile of the twin screws and product feeding into the screw flights of the extruder without stagnant zones. Very little space is required for the side feeder thanks to its compact design.


It can be mounted anywhere on the extruder’s process section with a side feed or combi barrel. Our side feeder permits much faster dismantling from the extrusion section and the twin screws can be changed very simple.


Liquid Feeder

Common liquid raw materials used in extrusion include water, fat, and syrup. The metering of liquid ingredients is critical for successful product manufacturing. Metering of liquids can be achieved either by volume or by mass. Mass flow meters are more accurate than volumetric meters. Devices include rotameters, differential pressure meters, fluid displacement meter, velocity flow meters, and mass flow meters.


When feeding liquids, the special requirements of each application vary widely. Thanks to the new modular design of the Chuangbo loss-in-weight liquid feeders, various pumps and tanks can easily be integrated to constitute a reliable liquid feeding system for the specific application.


Loss in Weight Feeder

Loss-in-weight feeders can be used for both small to medium feeding ranges. They work with extreme precision under optimum ambient conditions. They are very flexible and can handle bulk solids, liquids and even poorly flowing products. They are used in many continuous processes such as feeding extruders requiring a high level of short-term feeding consistency.


Chuangbo Loss-in-Weight Feeders generate a controlled, absolutely constant mass flow, as required in mixing processes or extruder infeed. Robust, reliable, and durable construction was the main focus during the development of the series for the Chuangbo loss in weight- Feeders.




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