Degradable Plastic Bioplastic Extruder
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Degradable Plastic Bioplastic Extruder

Biodegradable Plastic: PPC, PABT, PLA, PBS, PCL, TPS, PVA, PVOH. Air cooling strand pelletizing line for degradable polymers: PP, PE, PS, etc. blended with high concentration of starch and other processing aids.

Product Description

All materials are required to be dried deeply, and are fully dispersed, distributed and uniformly mixed in the extrusion compounding process to ensure the physical indexes, such as stretch strength and elongation at break etc. to meet film blowing and vacuum forming. Twin screw plastic compounding extruder configured with high torque, long L/D from 48-52:1, special optimized screw arrangement design, is suggested to effectively ensure the temperature control and avoid to generate shearing heat to cuase the melt pre-degrade, at the same time, up to the best compounding extrusion status.

The discharging end equiped with screw melt pump for cooling and pressure built-up, is benefit for pelletizing and improving the product quality. The degradable plastic bioplastic extruder can be air cooling strand pelletizing or  die face hot cutting in order to avoid touch with water.

In order to increase the toughness and increase the elongation of the section, and much more effectively complete blown film bag making and sheet vacuum forming process, a small amount of PP or PE is added to the resin to realize the bio-based starch filling degradable masterbatch. The degradable masterbatch produced by Chuangbo’s equipment line has a degradation rate of about 90% (the degradation rate of common degradable masterbatch can only reach about 70%). The degradable masterbatch produced can reach the degradation standards of industries in various countries and regions, and its production process and configuration are basically the same as those of fully degradable masterbatch.


Masterbatches for Degradable Polymers: PP, PE, PS, etc. blended with high concentration of starch and other processing aids, used for film-bags, meal box and packaging fields etc.

One-Step Sheet Line for Starch Based

Starch-Filled Environmentally Friendly Materials Mixing And Extruding One-Step Sheet Line

70% starch + polyolefin, starch + PLA one-step blending modification and sheet production line

1. In the past decades, Chuangbo has been making innovative practices in the penetration and integration of twin screw technology with various environmentally degradable materials and engineering technologies. The co-rotating twin screw extrusion and sheet line by one-step forming process has been created. This line integrates the modification, plasticization, devolatilization, extrusion, and sheet of starch-based degradable materials. The pelletizing process is omitted, the process is greatly simplified, and the cost is significantly reduced, giving  very prominent economic benefits.

2. Because granulation is omitted, the heat of material processing is reduced, and product performance and quality can be further improved.

3. In addition to single-layer sheets, Chuangbo has realized one-step extrusion molding of starch-based composite sheets for the first time, further broadening the application field of degradable plastics.

4. In addition to starch-based materials, this new technology can be degraded to new types such as PLA (polylactic acid), PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), PPC (polypropylene carbonate), PBS (butylene succinate), etc. It is widely used in the production of disposable food and tableware, household goods, packaging materials and other products.



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