Extruder for HFFR Cable Compounding
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Extruder for HFFR Cable Compounding

TSC tandem line for HFFR compounding and air cooling hot face pelletizing is ideal for compounding of heat- and shear-sensitive materials, such as HFFR for cable.

Product Description

TSC Tandem Line for HFFR Compounding and Air Cooling Hot Face Pelletizing

HFFR cable extruder adopts kneader + twin screw plastic compounding extruder + single screw extruder. HFFR cable compounding line not only makes sure the raw plastic material melt in the right way, buy also avoid the material accumulating in the die head which leads to decomposition reaction. Usually the first compounding extruder runs at a high speed for good mixing and high output capacity. The second extruder must be a larger diameter single screw one that can run at lower screw speed. The lower screw speed can avoid over–heating by internal cooling system and strong heat exchange ability. The functional separation allows operator to more flexibly control the expectable material mixing process and temperature.

First, the raw materials will be put into the kneader. 8-15mins later, it will be sent into the conical twin screw force feeder via automatic conveyor. Second, the HFFR cable compounding material will get into the twin screw extruder steady and automatically. Then it will flop into the single screw extruder to avoid accumulating in the die head. Because the twin screws turn around very quickly, such as 500rpm/min, or 600rpm/min, then the die head pressure will be heavy. If the materials stays long before the die head, it will leads to decomposition reaction. But single screw extruder runs in a very low speed, we use single screw extruder as a transition. It is a better way to use twin screw extruder + single screw extruder, which not only makes a larger capacity, but also a better effect.


  1. metering feeder  2. cramming feeder  3. twin screw extruder  4. single screw extruder  5. hot-face cutter with air cooling  6. cyclone  7. fluidizing bed


Combine the high speed and extensive mixing of twin screw processing and the low speed, low temperature, and low shear of single screw processing. Ideal for compounding of heat- and shear-sensitive materials, such as HFFR for cable, PVC compounds for cable, shoe sole, transparent container, and medical applications EVA shield cable compounds; Carbon black masterbatches of PE, EVA, etc.



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