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Screw Element

Chuangbo are a supplier of twin-screw extruders replacement components, and support services for several industries such as masterbatch, powder coatings, plastics compounding, etc. We provide the industry’s most comprehensive selection of twin screw element replacement components and specialty wear solutions.

Screw Element

Extruder screw element type for each function: Feeding, Melting, Mixing, Venting, Pressurization

The intermeshing screws co-rotate and wipe each other with narrow clearance so that no residues are left in the screw flights and cleaning effort is thus reduced.


The function of extruder screw element is mainly used to convey materials. Feeding and degassing sections generally have the long pitch to improve the material conveying and degassing. For material of low bulk density, feeding sections can use deep channel components to increase feeding capacity. The metering extruded segmented screw elements generally adopt the small pitch which is used to pressurize, improve the density of the material at the die head, and make the extrusion more stable.


The kneading block is generally used for melting and mixing of the material. Heat energy is generated by mechanical shear. Together with heating of the barrel, material can be melted and mixed quickly, with special elements to distribute the material more evenly. 


The screw shaft system is characterized by the following:

● Screw elements with various pitches and lengths

● Kneading blocks with various angles of stagger, numbers of kneading disks and disk widths

 Screw tips to fix the screw set axially

● Gear teeth connection to ensure power flow between the screw shaft and screw elements.


Advanced CNC equipment is used for processing to ensure the precision of the products. Through the reasonable process, the consistency of the extruder screw elements can reach 0.02mm, ensureing the interchangeability of the parts.

Customized Screw Element

With the application of plastic industry constantly refreshed, more and more customized requirements are from our clients. We serve the customers for a long time, and we had rich experiences. According to the material requirements for the corresponding screw configuration, we can also customize components. 

Material and Heat Treatment




Nitrided steel 38CrMoAlA has high surface hardness and soft core after heat treatment. Have certain corrosion resistance, strong toughness, not easy to crack. Suitable for mild corrosive materails. High cost performance. 

high speed tool steel

High speed tool steel W6Mo5Cr4V2 adopts vacuum quenching, which has a strong hardness and strong resistance to abrasion. It is suitable for high filling materials, including engineering plastics of 30% glass fiber and color master materials etc. 

Hastelloy C-276

super anti-corrosive nickel alloy. This type of screw elements is used to produce fluoroplastics.


We can also fabricate HIP-PM screw elements with material from Germany. 

SAM10 with ultra high wear resistance (5.3% chromic, 2.45% carbon, V10%). High abrasion resistance, good toughness after quenching, not easy to crack in special conditions. Suitable for high speed, high torque screw element. 

SAM39 with high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance (20% chromic, 2.3% carbon, V4.5%). Suitable for the processing of corrosive materials. 




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