Chuangbo participated in the 8th Executive Council (Expanded) Meeting of Modified Plastics Committee of China Plastic Processing Industry Association
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Chuangbo participated in the 8th Executive Council (Expanded) Meeting of Modified Plastics Committee of China Plastic Processing Industry Association

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Nanjing Chuangbo Machinery Co., Ltd participated in the 8th Executive Council (Expanded) Meeting of Modified Plastics Committee of China Plastic Processing Industry Association was held in Fuqing City, Fujian Province from May 24th to 26th, 2018. Many professors were invited to attend the conference to make academic and technical reports and participate in exchanges with enterprises.

The meeting was chaired by Chairman Liu and the Secretary General. At the opening ceremony, Vice Mayor Li Wenqing from Fuqing City delivered a speech. He warmly welcomed experts, professors and enterprise elites from all over the country to Fuqing City. He hoped that the Fuzhou Branch of Fujian Normal University would undertake the work of the next special committee secretariat. Chairman Wang Zhanjie and Representative of the Secretary General delivered a speech. He fully affirmed the work done by the Special Committee on Modified Plastics. He pointed out that the Special Plastics Committee led the industry to take science and technology as the guide and use innovative thinking and technology as the downstream of plastic modification. The product manufacturing industry provides suitable masterbatch and special materials, and has made positive contributions to the development of functionalization, lightweight, ecological and micro-molding technology in the processing industry. He put forward several requirements for the next step of the special committee, and must do a good job in the preparations for the re-election, and complete the re-election in October, 2018 according to the requirements of the re-election leading group, continuously strengthen the guidance of scientific and technological innovation, and strengthen the research on materials such as modified plastics, to contribute more to the improvement of the performance of plastic products, actively participate in the "2018 China International Plastics Exhibition" to do a good job in product and industry promotion. During the exhibition, the first China Plastics Processing Industry Technology Conference would be held, and a large number of scientific and technological innovations and high-tech technologies, equipment and products with first-class domestic and international standards will be launched.

President Chen Qinghua from Fujian Normal University Fuqing Branch introduced the preparation of the new session of the secretariat of the special committee. The secretariat will serve the members with high enthusiasm and excellent human environment. In order to realize the better implementation of the industry-university-research cooperation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the industry and universities, the “Technology Transfer Center” was established. At the meeting, Vice Mayor Li Wenqing and President Chen Qinghua unveiled the "Technology Transfer Center". The leaders of the association and the leaders and special guests of the participating committees witnessed this historical moment.

Prof. Yu Jian from Tsinghua University, "The Method of Creating High-Performance Materials for Polymer Materials", Professor Liu Jianhuan, “The Development Trend of China's Modified Plastics Market and the Progress of Functional Research on Plastic Filling”, South China Institute of Technology Professor He Hezhi from the University “Development and Market Application Prospects of Incompatible Plastic Blends Based on Stretched Rheology Extrusion”, Professor Zhang Xinxing of Sichuan University, "Research on the Chemical Regeneration and High Value of Recycle Waste Polymer Materials", The "New Technology" and the "China Plastics Processing Industry Association Group Standardization Work Introduction" report by Tian Yan, Secretary General of the China Plastics Association Standardization Technical Committee, won the praise of the participants.

At the Standing Council (Enlarged) meeting, Chairman Liu and the Secretary General reported on the recent work, introduced the regulations of the special committee that were revised according to the template requirements of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. Comrade Yang Songwei was the Deputy Secretary-General of the Eighth Session of the Special Committee. He read out the "National Plastics Association Modified Plastics Committee 9th Council Composition Plan and the Board of Directors Recommended Measures", read out about the group Participated in the "2018 China International Plastics Exhibition and the third plastics new materials, new technologies, new equipment, new products exhibition notice - the third modified compounding technology innovation results exhibition participation methods and requirements."

The conference was attended by the School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Fujian Normal University, the Modified Plastics Technology Development Base of Fujian Province, the Engineering Research Center of the Green Resources Utilization Department of Polymer Resources, the Fuqing Branch of Fujian Normal University, and the Xiangxing (Fujian) Luggage Group Co., Ltd. Fujian Furong Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Friendship Group Co., Ltd., Fuqing Hongyu Plastic Co., Ltd. etc. 


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