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LFT-G long fiber reinforced pellets,  produced by Long fiber reinforced thermoplastic line (LFT-G line) are widly used in many fields. Here, we make a table to show you the actual applications of LFT-G long fiber reinforced pellets in different areas.

Application fields Key performance Example Product photo
Automotive field High strength, long life, light weight Instrument frame panels, door assemblies, seat frames, handle levers, battery brackets

Automotive field 1

automotive field 2

Automotive field 3

Mechanical field High temperature resistance, high strength, light weight Pump casings, pump bodies and assemblies, bearings, locomotive guide rails,
compressor rotors, coil shafts

Mechanical field 1

Mechanical field 2

Mechanical field 3

Electronic field High performance, light weight, miniaturization Fan blades, low-voltage electrical housings and inner brackets, electrical
switch housings

Electronic field 1

Electronic field 2

Electronic field 3

Home appliance field High temperature resistance, good
mechanical properties
Washing machine drum, impeller, washing machine triangle bracket, air
conditioner guide fan

Home appliance field 1

Home appliance field 2

Home appliance field 3

Sports field Durability, reliability, long life Bicycle skeleton, snowboard, civilian safety toe cap, safety helmet

Sports field 1

Sports field 2

Sports field 3

Table 1 Main application fields of LFT-G long fiber reinforced pellets

Why LFT-G long fiber reinforced pellets fit these applications well?

Read the analysis by Chuangbo, you will get the answer.

Long glass fiber reinforced material refers to a modified polypropylene composite material containing reinforcing fibers with a length of 10 to 25 mm. After injection molding and other processes, a three-dimensional fiber structure is formed inside the product. It has higher comprehensive performance than short fiber reinforced materials, so it is widely used in various fields.

Generally speaking, the tensile strength of polypropylene materials is between 20M and 30MPa, the bending strength is between 25M and 50MPa, and the bending modulus is between 800M and 1500MPa. Fiber reinforcement is a very efficient and low-cost way to improve the strength properties of polypropylene. The mechanical properties of PP reinforced by long glass fibers can be improved several times. The tensile strength can reach more than 150MPa, the flexural strength can reach 200MPa, and the flexural modulus can reach 3000MPa~4500MPa. Such mechanical strength is completely comparable to ABS and reinforced ABS products.

At the same time, the heat resistance of long fiber reinforced materials is better. Generally, the heat resistance temperature of ABS and reinforced ABS is between 80°C and 98°C, while the heat resistance temperature of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene materials can reach 135°C to 145°C. It can be used to make axial fans and cross-flow fans in refrigeration machines such as refrigerators and air conditioners, and its cost is much lower than that of ABS reinforced products. It can also be used to manufacture inner barrels, pulsators and pulleys of high-speed washing machines to meet its high requirements for mechanical properties, and can be used in places with high temperature resistance requirements such as the base and handle of electric cookers, and electronic microwave ovens.

Carbon fiber reinforced nylon can reach and exceed the comprehensive performance of aluminum alloy, so it can play a very important role in the fields of automobile lightweight, high-speed railway and aviation.

In recent years, with the continuous optimization of long fiber production equipment and processes, the impregnation level of fibers has been significantly improved, and the appearance of the parts is excellent, which can meet the requirements of some interior and exterior parts.

At present, the development trend of the automotive industry is modular platform manufacturing. By modularly integrating common structures that use similar components, the common rate of parts and components is improved, and the process of manufacturing and process assembly is simplified, thereby greatly reducing the development and Validation-to-production cost.

Applications material grade
Front-end module PPLGF-40H、PPLGF-30H
shifter base PPLGF-40H
Bottom guard PPLGF-40H
sunroof drain belt PPLGF-30H
engine cover GFPP-L30
Gearbox base GFPP-L40
rearview mirror bracket GFPP-L45
door inner panel, seat support panel GFPP-L30,CFPA-L40
accelerator pedal, brake pedal GFPP-L50,CFPA-L50
truck bumper bracket GFPP-L50

Table 2 Application of long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene materials in the automotive field

The high-temperature fatigue strength of long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene at 120 ° C is twice that of ordinary reinforced polypropylene, and even 10% higher than that of glass fiber reinforced nylon, which is famous for its heat resistance. Thanks to its durability and reliability, it is widely used in electronic appliances, home appliances,

automobiles and other fields.

If you have any other questions about LFT-G long fiber reinforced pellets and the LFT-G line, don't hesitate to contact us! We are always here to solve your problems.


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