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PP Foam Extrusion Knowledge Base

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Hello, a very warm welcome to Chuangbo's knowledge base of Polypropylene foam extrusion. Here, you will get plenty of  basic and extensive knowledge about PP foam extrusion, such as

  1. What products can polypropylene foam extrusion make?

  2. Main application fields of PP foam materials

  3. Performance advantages of PP foam material

  4. The process route of PP foam sheet/board extrusions

  5. PP foam overview

  6. Analysis of PP foam products application

  7. Top PP foam sheet companies

  8. Advantages of Extrusion Forming Production Technology


Below is some brief and general information on these topics and questions above, and if you are interested in more detailed knowledge, we have added related links for you.

What products can PP foam extrusion make?

  • Computers, advanced medical equipment, precision instruments, audio-visual materials, cameras, glass ceramics, handicrafts, corner pads...

  • Plates, dishes, bowls, boxes, pots, beverage cups, bottle gaskets, meat packaging, microwave tableware, disposable tableware...

  • Insulation of hot water pipes, heating rooms, storage rooms, solar water heaters, air conditioning insulation pipes...

  • Headrests, dashboards, door linings, steering wheels, tire covers, luggage compartment linings, seat back trims, sun visors, bumper cores, air conditioning baffles, carpet support materials, roof panels...

  • Sealant supports, expansion joint fillers, weatherstrips, curing blankets, floor coverings, roof underlayment, building formwork, synthetic lumber...

  • Life jackets, wakeboards, surfboards, swim ambulances, pool covers, gymnastic blankets...

  • Gaskets, oil seals, shock pads, buoys...

To learn more about foam extrusion products, please click here.

Main Application Fields of PP Foam Materials

  • Buffer packaging

  • Food packaging

  • Thermal insulation

  • Car

  • Buildings

  • Sports and leisure

  • Industrial application

For more details, please click here.

Performance advantages of PP foam material

Polypropylene foam has many advantages:

  1. The rigidity of polypropylene (PP) is significantly better than that of polyethylene (PE). The flexural modulus of PP is about 1.52Gpa, and that of PE is only 207Mpa. Its compressive strength is higher than soft PUR and PE.

  2. The glass transition temperature of polypropylene is lower than room temperature, the impact resistance is better than that of PS, and compared with the recyclability of PS foam, polypropylene foam is an environmentally friendly material.

  3. Polypropylene has a high heat distortion temperature and can be used in some high-temperature fields. Foamed polypropylene can usually withstand high temperatures of 120 °C, which is much higher than polyethylene foam, and is widely used in many fields such as food and automobiles.

  4. Good low-temperature properties: The product exhibits good performance even at -30°C.

  5. Energy absorption: PP foam products have good energy absorption properties, excellent compression resistance and energy absorption performance, and are widely used in automobile bumper energy treatment systems and other anti-collision energy-absorbing components, and also have good sound absorption and shock absorption.

  6. Dimensional shape recovery stability: PP foamed products will quickly return to their original shape without Polypropylene resin has the characteristics of light weight, abundant raw material sources, superior cost performance, excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and easy recycling. It is the fastest-growing general-purpose thermoplastic resin in the world. The research and development of the foam has always been a technical hotspot and difficulty in the industry. At present, some developed countries are vigorously developing it as the next-generation green foam material to replace the above three kinds of foams. Among them, polypropylene expanded beads (EPP), foamed sheets and plates are the most typical and the most used varieties.

At present, there are more than 70 PP resin manufacturers in China, with more than 100 sets of various devices, and the production capacity exceeds 5 million tons/year.

Advantages of PP foam sheet extrusion lines

  • Advantages of industrial production.

This project uses conventional polypropylene and some high melt strength polypropylene raw materials, relying on domestic production equipment...

  • Price advantage.

On the basis of years of research and accumulation, through the original use of new

processes and new methods, the melt viscosity of polypropylene is improved, and the direct extrusion foaming process is adopted...

  • Advantages of series technology development.

This project combines high melt strength polypropylene with physical foaming technology to combine raw material production and product development...

For detailed information, please click here.

Analysis of PP foam products application

This analysis is about the applications of polypropylene foam board sheet and expanded polypropylene beads in (1) packaging field, (2) automotive field, and (3) construction field.

There are two articles for you:

  1. Everything You Want to Know about Application Fields of Polypropylene Foam Board Sheet

  2. Everything You Want to Know about Application Fields of Polypropylene Foam Board beads

Top 10+ Companies in Polypropylene Foam Extrusion Industry

  • Toray

  • Furukawa Electric

  • Reifenhauser

  • Battenfield

  • Chuangbo

  • Packaging Trays

  • Dow Chemical

  • Alveo

  • Oman

  • Endex Polymer Additives

(Listed in no particular order)

We have collected the capabilities of these companies and their distributions in pp foam extrusion industry in this article: Top 10+ Companies in Polypropylene Foam Extrusion Industry

We'll keep updating the PP foam extrusion related content on this page.

If you have any questions about PP foam extrusion, don't hesitate to contact us!


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