PET foam product application areas
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PET foam product application areas

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The regular molecular chain structure and strong intermolecular force of PET make it have excellent properties, including high mechanical strength and mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, good optical properties and insulation properties, excellent chemical stability and good recycling performance. At the same time, because the current production process of conventional PET is very mature and the cost of raw materials is low, the price of PET resin is low, even lower than that of general-purpose plastics, so PET is a cost-effective engineering plastic. With the continuous expansion of PET production capacity, the market for the current application field has become saturated. In order to better optimize the product structure of PET, it is urgent to develop special PET resins for other applications in both raw materials and markets, so as to broaden the application market of PET. In recent years, PET foam materials have attracted widespread attention in the industry due to their excellent application properties, and have become a product with high added value.

At present, PET foam materials are in an oligopoly state. The largest wind power field in the PET foam material market is monopolized by four major manufacturers, including Germany's Gurit, Switzerland's 3A Composites, Belgium's Armacell and Sweden's Diab. These four companies are almost completely

monopolized the global production and supply of PET foam materials.

Key application areas of PET foam materials 1  Key application areas of PET foam materials 2

Key application areas of PET foam materials

It can be foreseen that the active development and promotion of PET foam materials will have a positive impact on the development of the synthetic resin industry, the expansion of the application field and market consumption of PET foam materials, and the development of automobiles, wind power, high-speed rail, packaging, construction, and environmental protection. It is of great significance and has broad market prospects.

Wind power field

In the field of wind power, PET foam materials have been widely used as structural core materials, and are expected to further replace traditional core materials such as balsa wood, PVC foam and SAN foam, so that all structural core materials use PET foam materials. At present, the world's largest wind power host manufacturers Vestas, LM, etc. have designed and completed the wind power blade with all PET core material and carried out trial operation, and the effect is good.

Wind power field

The application process of PET foam material in the field of wind power

Wind power field 2

From 2018 to 2020, the world's newly installed wind power capacity will exceed 200GW, with an average annual growth rate of 37%. The growth of wind power installed capacity has driven the demand for structural core materials to continue to rise. From 2018 to 2020, the global demand for PET structural core materials is about 1 million m3, and the annual demand exceeds 300,000 m3. At present, the capacity of global production of PET structural core materials is only 150,000 m3/year, and China supply is only 40,000 m3/year, so there is a big gap in the market.

The PET foam material produced by this technology can improve this situation and promote the rapid

development of worldwide wind power industry and clean energy. According to preliminary estimates, with the gradual substitution of PET for core materials such as balsa wood and PVC, the demand for PET foam in China domestic wind power industry will reach 100,000 tons per year in 2030, and at least 20 production lines will be needed to meet the supply, with a total output value of 6 billion RMB...

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