Feasibility Study on PET Supercritical Fluid Foaming Technology
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Feasibility Study on PET Supercritical Fluid Foaming Technology

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Advantages of PET Foam Material

  • PET foam has good dimensional stability, good sound insulation, and heat insulation properties. Its short-term maximum working temperature can reach 200 ℃, and it can be used for a long time at a high temperature of 120 ℃, which is much higher than polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyurethane (PU), and vinyl chloride (PVC).

  • PET foam has excellent mechanical properties and fatigue resistance, better than PS, PU foam, and glass foam.

  • PET foam has excellent FST (flame retardant, low smoke, non-toxic) performance.

  • PET foam has excellent wear resistance and surface blocking properties and has good barrier properties to water vapor, oxygen (O2), and carbon dioxide (CO2).

  • The thermal expansion coefficient of PET foam is close to that of concrete and steel, and its thermal expansion performance is comparable to that of glass foam.

  • The water absorption of PET foam is lower than that of PS and PU foam.

  • PET can be recycled and reused and has little impact on the environment. Waste PET plastic is an important source of raw materials for the PET foaming process and has greater advantages in terms of economic costs and environmental protection.

Research Foundation And Process Line

Nanjing Chuangbo Machinery Co., Ltd., relying on a rich theoretical foundation, complete testing methods, and advanced processing equipment technology, through the cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the conventional bottle-grade PET resin is modified by viscosity and elasticity, including Physical blending modification and chemical chain extension modification.

The current research results show that the main performance indicators of the PET resin after the tackification modification have reached the requirements of some foreign PET foaming resins, and low-density foamed sheets are produced successfully with the preliminary PET foaming experiments.

Through the advanced improvement of the existing experimental production equipment, the first domestic PET micro-foaming pilot continuous extrusion production line was successfully built. The advanced tandem two-stage extrusion process is used to foam PET and other polymer materials, supporting molding research and the industrialization of foamed products.

This project is based on preliminary research results and China domestic and foreign research, using tandem two-stage extrusion technology to make polyethylene terephthalate (PET) foamed sheet (board) material. The process route is:

pet foam board extrusion process

Technical And Economic Indicators

This project adopts advanced supercritical fluid foaming technology and direct extrusion technology to complete the experimental research of PET foam molding, and realize a production scale of 1,000 tons per year on a single extrusion production line.

The PET foam sheet (board) material indexes are:



Board/sheet apparent density (Kg/m3)

50-200 adjustable

Board/sheet width (mm)

≥ 300

Board/sheet thickness (mm)

1-40 adjustable

Technical Advantages

Industrial Production Advantage

This project uses ordinary bottle-grade PET raw materials and recycled materials and China PET foam extrusion production line. Among them, the main raw material PET has a wide range of sources, low prices, and convenient recycling. The main production equipment needs special design and matching and can be processed and manufactured in China. 

Price Advantage

Since this PET foaming technology has paid great attention to the production cost of the product, based on years of research and development, through the original use of new processes and new methods, the melt strength of PET is improved, and the direct extrusion foaming process is adopted. It has a high production efficiency, so the production cost is controlled at a lower level. The lower comprehensive production cost is the biggest advantage of this project to compete with similar foreign products.

Technology Development Advantages

The high-melt-strength PET modification technology and fluid foaming technology combine raw material production and product development, which is more conducive to directly facing the market and is recognized by the PET foaming product factory. At the same time, we also can develop other foamed PET products to further broaden the application fields of PET.


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