The Advantages of Underwater Pelletizing System in Pelleting Quality
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The Advantages of Underwater Pelletizing System in Pelleting Quality

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The underwater pelletizing system can be applied to most polymer material processing applications, especially some special materials such as TPE, TPU, TPV, etc. that other pelletizing systems cannot apply. The advantages of the underwater pelletizing processing method are as follows:

External quality of the underwater pelletizing system

Since the plastic is scraped off by the blade in the melt state and solidified after being cooled by circulating water, the pellets under the melt will not form any dust, and the pellets are of regular shape and uniform size. After being processed by the underwater pelletizing system, the pellets, packaging, and transportation are more convenient. The traditional pelletizing method is that the polymer melt is extruded from the tape injection plate, cooled and solidified in a water spray cooling tank, and then sent to the pelletizer for cutting. This traditional pelletizing method will inevitably produce chips and dust. On the one hand, the pelletizing is uneven, and on the other hand, it will cause secondary pollution.

Inherent quality of the underwater pelletizing system

After the molten plastic flows out of the die hole, it is directly cut into pellets and is taken away by the cooling water in time. As long as the temperature and flow rate of the circulating water is controlled, the crystallinity of the pellets can be controlled, and the quality of the pellets is very stable. After the underwater pelletizer is processed, the pellets transparency and gloss are relatively high, and the processing of the solid plastic pelletizing is due to the high crystallinity of the plastic due to the delay in cooling, which affects the performance of the pellets.

In addition, since the pelletizing is performed underwater, oxidation of the product in the air can be avoided. There is also a shortcoming. Because the pellets are round particles, static electricity is likely to be generated during the process of mixing the toner, which causes the color to be mixed and uneven, and a dispersant is needed to solve the problem.

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