Advantages of PP foam sheet extrusion lines
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Advantages of PP foam sheet extrusion lines

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How much do you know about polypropylene foam board extrusion lines? Today, Chuangbo will get you closer to this advanced technology by showing you the process route, advantages, and how it works.

Nanjing Chuangbo Machinery Co., Ltd. began to develop polypropylene foam material molding technology very early, evaluated and characterized the foaming performance of various polypropylene raw materials, and initially established a polypropylene foamable performance evaluation system. On this basis, the industrial technology of continuous extrusion and foaming of polypropylene was developed.

The process route of PP foam sheetboard extrusion

The process route of PP foam sheet/board extrusions

Advantages of PP foam sheet extrusion lines

1、Advantages in industrial production.

This project uses conventional polypropylene and some high melt strength polypropylene raw materials, relying on domestic production equipment. Part of the raw material polypropylene is general isotactic polypropylene, which has a wide range of sources and low prices. The main production equipment needs to be specially designed and At present, all of them can be processed and manufactured in China. In foreign countries, the production process and production equipment of foamed polypropylene special materials are monopolized by a few well-known companies. In China, the development and research of most polypropylene foamed materials are still in the laboratory exploration stage.

2、Price advantage.

On the basis of years of research and accumulation, through the original use of new

processes and new methods, the melt viscosity of polypropylene is improved, and the direct extrusion foaming process is adopted, which has high production efficiency, so the production cost of the product is controlled at a very low level. The scope level and lower comprehensive production cost of the product are the biggest advantages of this project to compete with similar foreign products.

3、Advantages of series technology development.

This project combines high melt strength polypropylene with physical foaming technology to combine raw material production and product development, which is more conducive to direct market orientation and is recognized by the PP foam product factory. At the same time, we also have the ability to develop other foamed polypropylene products to further expand the application fields of high melt strength polypropylene.

                                                                                                                 Comparison with foreign industrialized technologies
item Japan JSP Germany Berstorff Nanjing Chuangbo
technology extrusion + impregnation direct extrusion direct extrusion
material/blowing agent special PP/CO2 HMSPP/Butane isotactic PP/Composite
Productivity medium high high
environmental impact low medium low
overall costs high high low
Secondary foamability yes no yes
density (kg/m3) 20-100 16-50 25-200 adjustable

* : Impregnation is saturated with reactor permeation; HMSPP is high melt strength polypropylene


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