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TOP 10 PET Foam Sheet Production Companies

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Do you know the world's top companies that specialize in the production of extruded foamed PET sheets? Based on our knowledge of this industry, we'd like to introduce the top 10 to help you to find the proper partner. These companies will be mentioned in no particular order in this article and we stay open to any suggestions. If you have different opinions or any questions, don't hesitate to contact us! We are willing to exchange ideas and solve problems!

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Japan's Sekisui Chemical has commercialized the world's first commercial production of extruded foamed PET sheet "Cel Pet". Because of its lightweight, softness, and excellent oil resistance, chemical resistance and shock absorption, it is commonly used in the production of various tray components, packaging materials, small motor  products, etc. In addition, the company has also launched "Cel Pet" of a multifunctional material of recycled PET resin foam sheets and heat-resistant food containers, which is lightweight, heat resistant, shock resistant, and has many other nice characteristics, achieving maximum heat resistance of 220 ℃. Below are  the performance comparison

between "Cel Pet" and PP, PS foamed sheet:

                                       Performance comparison of "Cel Pet" and PP, PS foamed sheets

Performance comparison of Cel Pet and PP, PS foamed sheets

Gurit has developed G-PET, a recyclable structural foam core specifically for the wind energy market. G-PET is made in an efficient manufacturing process using low-cost recycled raw materials from plastic beverage bottles and fabrics. Gurit says these materials are converted into a continuous product with a lower resin absorption rate than balsa wood in an automated high-throughput extrusion process. In addition, G-PET foam core does not experience huge fluctuations in supply and demand like balsa.

Another PET sheet supplier, Armacell, headquartered in Belgium, supplies ArmaFORM PET foam for a range of sandwich composites. The material is made from recycled PET beverage bottles. The recently introduced new ArmaFORM PET AC 115 has better performance than the original ArmaFORM PET 100. The shear elongation, damage resistance and elasticity of the new product are improved by 10-20%, and the compressive modulus remains unchanged. ArmaForm PET AC is available in four densities: 80, 100, 115 and 135 kg/m3. ArmaFORM PET AC 80 is a direct competitor of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam. ArmaFORM PET is high temperature resistant and can withstand short curing temperatures up to 180°C. They are recyclable, have good fatigue resistance, and do not produce toxic gases when burned.

BASF Germany launched a polyethylene terephthalate PET structural foam board named Kerdyn®. As a structural core material, PET foam has excellent mechanical properties and can withstand various static loads and long-term dynamic loads. Due to its high temperature and chemical resistance, Kerdyn is well suited for composite materials. An integral part of composite light weighting, used in industries such as transportation, marine and construction, the technology has now been sold to Gurit.

Swiss company 3A Composites has launched AIREX® T90 T91 and T92, an easy-to-process, multi-purpose PET foam core panel, ideal for components such as train car floors, siding, interior trim panels and roof panels, as well as for composite sandwich structures, wind energy accessories, marine and transportation markets. It can withstand the highest processing temperature of 150 ° C, no expansion, no gas emission, long-term use of the upper limit of the operating temperature of 100 ° C. It has achieved great success since its launch in 2005, and has been widely used in wind power blades, rail transit, and marine and industrial applications. The recent introduction of a new  PET foam, AIREX® T92, has further improved its performance. In particular, the shear elongation is two to three times that of similar PET foams, reaching the order of PVC foams. This breakthrough eliminates the original limitations of PET foam sheets' brittleness.

Japan's Furukawa (Furukawa Electric) has developed a PET Microcellular Foamed Reflector (MCPET). With the help of the high reflection and high scattering capabilities of the micropores, the illumination of the lamp can be increased by 40~60% without increasing the light source. MCPET can also be used as a reflector for large-size

(over 42 inches) LED LCD TVs, which overcome the problems of low diffuse reflectivity of metal reflectors, bluish color due to absorption of red light, and only reflection in a specific direction.

China Chuangbo is at the front of developing the integrated process technology of drying-free PET reaction foaming in the world. In 2018, it successfully developed the first 4,000-ton/year industrialized PET foaming production line in China. Currently, there are more than ten industrial production lines in stable operation across China.  In November 2019, the PET foam the material produced by this technology was certified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL), and has been widely used in wind power, automobile and many other fields.


PET CO2 Foaming

Reaction Extrusion Line

Reaction Extrusion Line

Above are 6 PET foam sheet production companies, the rest 4 will be introduced next time. We should mention it again: we are open to any opinions and willing to exchange ideas and answer any questions. Click here to contact us!


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