Underwater Pelletizing System Types And Applications
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Underwater Pelletizing System Types And Applications

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Nanjing Chuangbo is committed to manufacturing high-polymer compound modification, reactive extrusion, post-reaction treatment, continuous long-fiber impregnation, mixing and forming, and carbon dioxide foam extruding represented by co-rotating twin-screw extruders. Short processes, intelligent equipment, and related technology are applied in product manufacturing as well as turnkey projects. In the field of high polymer compounding equipment, it is the eternal pursuit of Chuangbo to build a leading domestic and internationally renowned modern national brand. We have been awarded as a "High-Tech Enterprise" and a "Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province". 

The Structure of The Underwater Pelletizing System

1. DV start-up valve

2. Underwater pelletizer

3. Process water system

4. Pellet dehydrator

5. Control system

Degradable Plastic Bioplastic Extruder

Pelletizing Principle of The Underwater Pelletizing System

The molten plastic material is pressurized and transported to the pelletizing die by an extruder or a melt pump. The end face of the pelletizing die and the cutter are enclosed in a pelletizing water chamber with flowing water. The extruded molten plastic is instantaneously cut by the cutter and is cooled and formed by the process of water flowing through the mold surface. It is quickly transported to the rotating drum centrifugal dryer for solid-liquid separation, and uniform qualified particles are sent out from the centrifugal dehydrator to complete the pelletizing and forming work. In the pelletizing process, the kinetic energy consumed by the melt material cutting is low, and the force and surface tension of the extrusion equipment on the melt material make the appearance of the cut plastic particles uniform, round, and without sharp angles. The application of the fluid dilute phase transport mechanism in the system equipment makes the probability of re-bonding of the molten plastic particles during the transportation and cooling process extremely low, and the adhesion of cutting debris on the surface of the particles is avoided.

Industrial Underwater Pelletizing System

In recent years, with the continuous emergence of new plastic materials, the higher quality requirements in precision injection molding, extrusion, and other fields, and the steadily rising labor costs, traditional plastic pellet raw material manufacturers have placed high hopes on advanced granulation equipment. Nowadays, thanks to the efforts of extruder and compounding equipment manufacturers, the advanced granulation equipment that was once completely dependent on imports, and the price and use cost are unattainable-the underwater pelletizing system equipment is gradually moving towards localized manufacturing. Underwater pelletizing system equipment has been widely used across fields with its unique pelletizing mechanism and function.

Advantages of the industrial underwater pelletizing system

1. The advanced underwater pelletizing system equipment technology ensures that the polymer melt is stably cooled and cut in water so that the pellets have unparalleled consistency and appearance quality.

2. The advanced underwater pelletizing technology can be applied to many kinds of melt materials.

3. The closed pelletizing process realizes environmentally friendly production.

4. Simplified structure, taking up very little production site space.

5. The underwater pelletizing system has higher production efficiency and economy.

PP Foaming production

The Product Concept Provided by Chuangbo As A Pelleting Equipment Supplier

1. Coordination with upstream and downstream equipment integration.

2. Stability of production line operation.

3. Easy and concise controllability.

4. Provide users with efficient, environmentally friendly, flexible, complete, and customized solutions.

5. Fast and dedicated customer service.

Lab Underwater Pelletizing System

The lab underwater pelletizing system equipment launched by Chuangbo assists with the scientific research and production of material R&D engineers, and the experimental equipment is also suitable for small batch pelletizing production.

The highly integrated electromechanical integrated underwater pelletizing system experimental device, only one person can simply and easily complete the operation and daily maintenance of the equipment. Because of its accurate experimental data, low operating cost, small footprint, and low noise, it is favored by the majority of scientific researchers.

The Chuangbo experimental underwater pelletizing system is mainly used in universities, research institutes, corporate laboratories, and other places. This experimental machine can memorize and collect experimental data. The cutter and die have higher precision and more sensitive response. There are almost no consumables during the use of the equipment, which is an ideal green environmental protection granulation equipment in the laboratory.

Customized Underwater Pelletizing System

Chuangbo can provide customized solutions according to the actual needs of customers. Including explosion-proof underwater pelletizing system, crystalline underwater pelletizing system, micro-particle forming underwater pelletizing system, upper and lower layer layout underwater pelletizing system, right-angle arrangement and other multi-angle arrangement underwater pelletizing system customization.

Special needs require special solutions. To choose the appropriate customized plan and spare parts design plan according to user needs, Chuangbo's technical team and engineer team will work closely with you as your R&D partner. Each newly designed user solution will be fully tested in the internal laboratory, which can ensure that it runs accurately and meets the user's requirements in practice.

Customized Parts of Large Underwater Pelletizer

The large pelletizer head and centrifugal dehydrator developed by Chuangbo provide guarantee for the operation of the high-output underwater pelletizer system.

Chuangbo has a pelletizing die with patented manufacturing technology, an optimized flow channel structure and the application of special materials, which ensure the compatibility of the pelletizing die with hundreds of plastic materials in different fields and the durability of the pelletizing die. The pelletizing die is the main component of the pelletizing system, and each die is carefully designed and customized according to the actual production and application requirements of users.

Chuangbo has a patented high-precision, high-reliability cutter control technology to ensure that the cutter continuously and stably cuts melt particles with high-quality appearance. According to different user needs, manual cutter device, automatic constant pressure cutter device and advanced automatic flexible cutter device are optional.

The special pelletizing knife holder has a variety of materials and design links, which are perfectly matched with the pelletizing die; it can correspond to the pelletizing and forming of raw materials in different fields and has sufficient durability. And equipped with a variety of types of wear-resistant pelletizing blades to choose from, to meet the requirements of different types of materials and processes and the life cycle of pelletizing blades.

Compounding and Strand Pelletizing Line for Color Masterbatch

Application of Underwater Pelletizing Equipment

Thermoplastic elastomer: TPU, TPV, TPO, TPE, TPEE, EVA, SBS, SEBS, POE, etc.

Biodegradable materials: PBS, PHA, PHBV, PBAT, PLA, PPC, PSM, etc.

Hot melt adhesive: EVA-based, PA-based, PU-based, PB-based, etc.

Resin: PP, PE, PET, PBT, PA6, PA66, PA1010, PA11, PA12, ACS, PS, PB, PC, PMMA, PFA, PVC, etc.

Multifunctional masterbatch: masterbatch of color masterbatch, filling, antistatic, flame retardant, conductive, auxiliary agent, etc.

Special engineering plastics: PPO, PPS, PPSU, polysulfone and 5G materials

Modified plastics: various

Recycled plastics: various

Natural organic/inorganic materials: various


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