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PET Foam Extrusion 101

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Hello, welcome to Chuangbo's knowledge base of PET foam extrusion. In this article, you will find most of the information on PET foam extrusion.

  1. What products can foam extrusion make?

  2. Main Application Fields of PET Foam Materials

  3. Performance advantages of PET foam material

  4. The process route of PET foam sheet/board extrusions

  5. PET Foam Overview

  6. Analysis of product application

  7. Top PET Foam Sheet Companises

  8. Advantages of Extrusion Forming Production Technology

1. What products can foam extrusion make?

  • LED lamps, wire insulation, microelectronic circuit board insulation...

  • Microwave cutlery, disposable cutlery, trays...

  • Insulation of hot water pipes and storage rooms, air conditioning insulation pipes...

  • All sandwich panels, stage sets, billboards, air conditioning, special food carts, bridges, cold rooms, sports, and leisure...

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2. Main Application Fields of PET Foam Materials

  • Electronics

  • Food packaging

  • Thermal insulation

  • Transportation

  • Buildings

  • Wind power

  • Ship

  • Aerospace

  • General industry

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3. Performance advantages of PET foam material

PET foam material has the following performance advantages:

  1. Good heat resistance, the maximum working temperature can reach 200 °C in a short time, and can be used for a long time at 120 °C.

  2. Has excellent dimensional stability, sound and thermal insulation properties.

  3. Has high mechanical properties and fatigue resistance.

  4. oxygen and carbon dioxide. It has excellent wear resistance and surface blocking properties, and has good barrier properties to water,

  5. The thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of concrete and steel.

  6. It can be completely recycled and reused, and the recycled material can be used in the foaming process.

At present, PET foam materials are mainly used in six major fields such as wind power, high-speed rail, automobiles, construction, packaging, and ships.

4. The process route of PET foam sheet/board extrusions or PET foam sheet extrusion lines

The process route of the non-drying-reaction modification-supercritical foaming technology used in the project to prepare polyethylene terephthalate (PET) foam sheet (board) is as follows:

PET foam extrusion

PET foam extrusion

PET foaming pilot production line1

PET foaming pilot production line - 1000 tons/year. Related foam extrusion equipment: Click Here.

PET foaming industrial production line 2

PET foaming industrial production line - 4000 tons/year. Related foam extrusion equipment: Click Here.

This process technology passed the appraisal organized by China National Light Industry Federation in April 2019. The appraisal committee is composed of well-known professors and industry experts from key national universities such as Tsinghua, Fudan, and Zhejiang University. The director is Qu Jinping, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. The appraisal conclusion is that the two-stage continuous extrusion foaming integrated process technology developed by the project is innovative and advanced. The overall technology of the project has reached the international advanced level, and some technologies have reached the international leading level.

On-site technical appraisal meeting

On-site technical appraisal meeting

PET foam board sheet production site using this technology

PET foam board sheet production site using this technology

At present, the PET drying-free reaction foaming integration technology developed by this project has been promoted in more than 10 production lines in China. In November 2019, the PET foam material produced by this technology was certified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL), and has been widely used in wind power, automobile and other fields.

5. PET Foam Overview

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a polycondensation reaction product of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid and has a relatively high melting point. As a thermoplastic engineering material, PET has good mechanical properties, electrical insulation, chemical resistance, creep resistance, fatigue resistance and other characteristics,

and is widely used in clothing chemical fiber, packaging and transportation and other fields.

China has the world's largest PET production capacity, which has increased sharply from 3.8 million tons per year in 1998 to nearly 40 million tons at present, becoming the world's largest PET producer and the world's PET production and sales center. However, the contradiction in the structure of PET products in China is very prominent, the production capacity of conventional products (fibers) is excessive, and the range of product varieties is narrow. It is of great significance to optimize the structure of PET products in China and expand its application fields.

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6. Analysis of product application

In recent years, PET foam materials have attracted widespread attention in the industry due to their excellent application properties, and have become a product with high added value.

At present, PET foam materials are in an oligopoly state. The largest wind power field in the PET foam material market is monopolized by four major manufacturers, including Germany's Gurit, Switzerland's 3A Composites, Belgium's Armacell and Sweden's Diab. These four companies are almost completely monopolized the global production and supply of PET foam materials.

It can be foreseen that the active development and promotion of PET foam materials will have a positive impact on the development of the synthetic resin industry, the expansion of the application field and market consumption of PET foam materials, and the development of automobiles, wind power, high-speed rail, packaging, construction, and environmental protection. It is of great significance and has broad market prospects...

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7. Top PET Foam Sheet Companies

  • Japan's Sekisui Chemical

  • Germany's Gurit

  • Belgium's Armacell

  • Germany's BASF Germany

  • Switzerland's 3A Composites

  • China's Chuangbo

  • ...

For detailed information about these companies, this article may help: Top 10 PET Foam Sheet Production Companies.

8. Advantages of Extrusion Forming Production Technology

  • Low cost and energy consumption

  • Environmental advantages

  • Fully automatic production process


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